//Time Required to Prepare for the LNAT

Time Required to Prepare for the LNAT


If you plan to sit for the LNAT during the current session, you have several opportunities to register and take the test, but be sure you know the deadlines for where you plan to test.  Deciding on a date may depend on which university you plan on applying to, as some have different deadlines than others.  Another factor to consider is how much time you think you will need to prepare.

Different people will give you all sorts of advice on how long you should take to prepare for the LNAT.  Many feel three months is sufficient, some advise on spending just a few weeks.  And, because the LNAT does not test on the information you have learned, but rather what you can do with information put before you, it is easy to say that you cannot really study for this exam.  You can only practise for it.

What does this mean?  It means spending time reading up on current affairs, understanding logic and arguments, questioning what you read and then trying to answer those questions.  It also involves taking a stand on an issue you read about and then arguing for or against it.  It also means taking practise tests over and over again, because the more familiar you become with the test questions, of which there are two types, the more adept you’ll become at answering them on exam day.

If you cannot do more than an hour a day of practise, then you should reserve about two to three months to read about the exam, understanding its structure and answering sample questions, and start reading articles found in quality newspapers and journals.  If you’re already an avid newspaper reader and have been reading the various newspapers suggested for LNAT review, and if you can spare a few hours a day, then you can afford to wait a month before test day to prepare.  Only you will know what is best for you, but be advised that more exposure to answering sample papers and questions can only benefit you.


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