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Learn How to Write a Great LNAT Essay

How to Write a Great LNAT Essay

Are you better at answering multiple choice questions and do you dread writing essays?  Well, if you are taking the LNAT, then you may not be too worried about the MCQ part; but, you will have to brush up on your writing skills and fine-tune your ability to argue a position.

Writing an essay can be a brain freezer, especially if you often stare at the paper and don’t know where to even start.  You may have wonderful ideas churning in your mind, but you’re just not sure how to organize those ideas and put them into words.  In addition to those two obstacles, you must be able to grasp the intent of the essay subject you choose and present an argument on that topic.

The first thing that will be of great help is any guidance you may have received during your ‘A’ Level coursework when writing essays; and specifically, writing position papers.  Feedback or suggestions that instructors or fellow students may have given hopefully will have improved your writing technique and that will be of great use in the LNAT.

LNAT Essay focuses
The LNAT essay focuses on testing your understanding of a subject at a high level and what your thoughts are on that subject.  Keeping up with current affairs and understanding them will put you at an advantage when you select and write your argument for the essay title you choose.  You will be choosing a position on a subject that may be discussed in current affairs and newspapers and defending it with your argument. Reading up on current affairs and argumentative pieces in a quality newspaper or journal will also expose you to how arguments are constructed, presented and defended, giving you even more ammo to strike with.  Ask yourself questions about the pieces you read to stimulate your thoughts and ideas.  The key is to learn how to design and present your argument, and then be able to defend it.

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