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Do’s and Don’ts are a part of the registration process for any exam. LNAT is no exception. These can get quite nerve-wracking for a student busily preparing for an exam like LNAT. If you are one of them, you’re at the right place…we’ll guide you through the whole rigmarole of the registration process.

What do I need to know before I start with the registration process?

  • You can sit for LNAT only once per UCAS year.
  • Sitting for LNAT will cost you £50 GBP (at a UK/EU test centre) and £70 GBP (at a Test centre outside the EU)

What do I need for the registration process?

  • Basic details like Name, Date of Birth, Address, Telephone no., etc.
  • A valid email id.
  • UCAS personal identifier number.
  • A credit card (Visa, MC, Amex, JCB) or debit card (Visa only) or an LNAT e-voucher.

How do I register for LNAT?

Step 1: Create a web account.

To create an LNAT web account, log onto here.

  • Fill in the basic details.
  • Tick and choose the universities you want to apply to. You have to choose minimum one. It can be more than one also.
  • Choose a username for your LNAT web account.
  • At the end of Step 1, a password will be sent to your email id. Use it to log into your LNAT web account.

Step 2: Pay and Book for a test sitting.

There are seven stages while booking for a LNAT test sitting: Exam > test centre > appointment > review > payment > confirm > receipt. These are shown as tabs on top of the page while booking. You can backtrack on the tabs any time you want, provided you have not clicked on the CONFIRM button.

NOTE: You have to pay and book for a sitting at the same time. You cannot book first and pay later.

To book and pay for a test sitting, log onto link. Enter your username and password sent to you by email. Now follow these steps:

1. Exam Tab:

  • Click on the only given option – National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT).
  • Next choose English as the language option. It is the only option for you as LNAT is conducted only in English. Click ‘Next’.

2. Test Centre Tab:

  • Fill in the details (Country, Address, City, and Postcode) and the system will automatically generate a list of test centres. Tick on the test centre you want and then click ‘Next’.

3. Appointment Tab:

  • Choose the date and time you want to sit for LNAT.
  • Use the onscreen calendar to see all available appointments on a particular date, or between two dates or in a particular month.
  • Choose the available date and time you like. Don’t confuse between a.m. and p.m. while choosing.
  • Highlight the date and time you would like to sit for the test and click on ‘Select Appointment’.
  • The page will refresh and your chosen test centre and date and time slot will be displayed on top. Click ‘Next’.

4. Review Tab:

  • Verify your chosen test date, time and centre.
  • Verify your contact details. Edit and update them if necessary.
  • Seethe amount you will have to pay for the test.
  • Enter the LNAT voucher code only if you are paying via an LNAT e-voucher. If you have entered an LNAT voucher code, the system will automatically skip the next tab – payment.

5. Payment Tab:

  • Verify your billing address and other details. Click ‘Next’.

6. Confirm Tab:

  • Carefully read through ALL the test and payment details.
  • Tick on the ‘I have read the policies….’ option.
  • Click on ‘confirm order’.

7. Receipt Tab:

  • Print a copy of the receipt and keep it safely.
  • You will receive an email confirming your test application in the email id you registered.

If you have any doubts or queries, log onto link or email us at: support@prepgenie.co.uk