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There is NO fixed date on which the LNAT is held. Test dates begin from 1st September every year and ends 30th June every year. During this time, an LNAT aspirant has to simply register online, choose a date and sit for the LNAT at a test centre near his or her locality.

NOTE: Individual universities have their own deadlines for application. To know more, click here.

The LNAT is a 2hrs 15 minutes test. The LNAT Test is divided into two sections:

  • MCQs: You will have to answer 42 MCQs based on 12 reading passages. The passages are mostly argumentative and there 3 to 4 multiple choice questions following each passage.

Time: 95 minutes

  • Essay: You will also have to write an essay from a choice of 3 Questions

Time: 40 minutes

Preparing for the MCQs…

The MCQs are based on given passages. The passages are mostly in the form of an argument. An issue is put forth and arguments for or against the motion are discussed. Sharpen you reasoning skills in order to answer the MCQs well. The ability to bandy opposing views, opinions is at the core of legal education.

  • A basic knowledge of the English Language is essential while answering the MCQs. You will not be tested upon any other subject.
  • MCQs are machine-marked. Your scores are then forwarded to only those LNAT-participating universities to which you have applied. You get to know your LNAT score only after the complete admission procedure is over.

Click to know more on how to prepare for the MCQs.

Preparing for the ESSAY…

You will be given a list of topics dealing with various topics. Keeping yourself abreast with the world events in general will give you an edge. Check out www.economist.com. It is great site to brush up on your current affairs. While writing the LNAT essay, try to put forth brief, concise arguments. You don’t need a style that trumpets, just a confident command of the written language – English.

  • The word-limit for the essay is 750 words. It would be good to keep the length to about 500 or 600 words.
  • The essay is not marked along with the MCQs. Rather, they are forwarded unmarked only to those LNAT universities you have applied to. Individual law schools use them according to their admission process.

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  • You have to give the entire test online, the MCQs and the essay. So practise your typing skills if you are a tortoise at typing. Learn to be brief while expressing your thoughts.