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Ages ago, Socrates used a unique method to teach his students: asking them open-ended questions. This made them THINK before answering, question things prevailing in society, and judge the ways of the world. LNAT seeks to test this very ability.

Solve Sample Paper

Preparing for the LNAT is different. With no facts to learn or chapters to revise, practising sample papers becomes essential. Solve as many as you can. Some good ones are available for free on the net. Download them and start practising.

Read Newspaper

Get into the habit of reading newspapers. If you already do it…then that’s great…but if you don’t…Start NOW. Start with something you like…it could be anything from sports to cartoons. Read a text…not a flimsy reading, but a critical one. QUESTION your understanding…that’s the keyword. Ask yourself: • What is being talked about? …usually pretty simple to answer. • What is the tone of the text? …Sarcastic or condescending…formal or informal? The list is endless. • Where are the arguments leading? What is the writer of the text trying to deduce from the case presented? • What are the assumptions being made to reach the conclusion? • Do you agree with the conclusion or do you hold a different opinion?

If you find answering these questions stimulating, you are on the right track. Go on to read the editorial columns. This will take care of both the MCQs and the essay. Following is a list of the online versions of some reputed newspapers:

Watch the News

Tune into news programs on TV like CNN, BBC. Observe how they debate over an issue, seeking multiple opinions as evidence to validate a stand. Summarize the different viewpoints yourself and draw a conclusion.