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Reading the Newspaper – a Great Habit to Have for the LNAT and Beyond

You’ve argued about everything ever since you were little, and everyone around you always said, “You are going to make a great lawyer someday!”  Now, here you are, ready to take the LNAT and pursue a career in law.  You have the makings of a great argument presenter and defender, but there’s always room for improvement and reading quality newspapers and journals can get you there.  The question is – how can you make it a daily part of your life?

Some of us are readers and some are not; and just because you have the makings of a great lawyer, may not mean that you are an ardent reader.  If you don’t already have a habit of picking up a good newspaper or journal every day, then now is the best time to start.  Reading a quality newspaper or journal that cleanly presents current affairs, commentaries and argumentative pieces on a daily basis will give you something to think about, question, take a stand on – which help create the basis of forming a position on an issue, arguing about it and defending it – all things you will do when you choose an essay topic in the LNAT.  Starting off with the more serious articles may scare you off, so it might be wise to begin with reading the commentaries or opinion columns.  While reading them, ask yourself: what’s being discussed here, how do I feel about it and what are my reasons for these beliefs, what assumptions are being made to reach the conclusion, do you agree or disagree with the conclusion, and more.

Some suggested quality reading materials to look at and recommended by the LNAT Consortium are:

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Guardian
  • The Independent
  • The Irish Times
  • The New York Times
  • The Scotsman
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Times
  • The Washington Post
  • The Economist

Start with shorter and easier pieces and incorporate them into a part of your day when you have the time to devote.  Slowly, expand your reading choices to articles on areas that interest you and ask the same questions, to exercise this thought process.  Adding pieces that keep your interest will help you stay in the habit of reading every day.  Making this a strong habit will enable you to do well on the LNAT essay.

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