//Which is the Right Law School for You

Which is the Right Law School for You

Are you trying to decide on which law school to attend?  The cost of tuition and the services available on campus are some factors to consider when making this decision, but there is something that may sway you even more – what programs and practical experiences are offered at the school. You know that you are working towards a degree in law; beyond this, however, you want to know what other programs are offered that will supplement your coursework and may allow you to work with professionals or researchers so that you get the most out of your coursework with beneficial practical experience.

Find out about opportunities to work with faculty.  There may be research projects that post-graduates or professors are conducting that require the assistance of students.  Exposure to this research, its methodologies and the staff will give you experience that will boost your academic training.  Some schools may have this and others may not – this will help you to narrow down your choices, should this be something you are interested in.

There may also be internships offered by a school which could place you in a working environment at the school, off campus or globally! It’s an opportunity that may open doors to more career options upon graduation.  Seeing and learning about the law in action can only enhance what has been taught in a lecture hall or read from a book.  Knowing what you would like to do during your undergraduate studies to gain more experience outside of the classroom can be an aspect that helps you choose which school suits you best.

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