//Which School is for You – the Cost

Which School is for You – the Cost

One factor that has a very large impact on which law school you choose to attend is the cost.  The cost is not just the tuition, books and fees, but also the living expenses.  You should research each school and city to gather this data and compare it.

First off, tuition is more affordable if you are EU citizen.  Non-EU students will pay more for tuition.  A sample fee schedule  lists general fees for EU students for the various law schools, including schools that require the LNAT and those that do not.  The cost for Non-EU students will be higher, and you should contact each school that you are interested in to find out exactly what that amount is.  Funding for law school can be attained by: already having the funds, obtaining a bank loan, sponsorship from the law firm that may be offering you a training contract, or the chambers offering you pupillage.

Books, fees and other costs will be outlined by the school.  Each school will have its own set of fees that it charges. This can range from student facility usage fees, like the library and sports centres, to transportation fees and lab and technology fees for maintenance of these facilities.

You have to eat, sleep and study – so you will have to find and pay for a place to live.  This will vary greatly on which city the law school is located in.  Some schools will have on-campus housing, and some may require you to find something off-campus.  In either case, you will be paying for that place, for food, for clothes, and for entertainment.  So, it is wise to research these costs and add them to the total bill.

Knowing what the total bill is will be a major factor when deciding on a list of schools to apply to.  Getting into a school, and not being able to pay for it, will leave you with a huge debt at the end of the road. You will be able to repay over time, but it’s best to know what you are getting into before making this decision.


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