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Dealing With UKCAT Abstract Reasoning

While the UKCAT is, as a whole, one of the most demanding of all competitive examinations, it has within itself a huge monster to tackle. That is the third segment of the test: Abstract Reasoning. That is, if you haven’t grown up solving puzzles and cracking riddles. However, remember that even for those of you who can solve a brain-teaser in less than a second, UKCAT Section 3 is bound to be a nasty shock. The trickiest of all four sections of the test, Abstract Reasoning comes armed with its artillery of mind boggling patterns and loads of confusion.

That is the first thing that is bound to come to mind once you take a look at UKCAT section 3. Anyone going through the paper, at a first glance, is not likely to make head or tail of it; and you are very likely going to find yourself wondering how on earth you are supposed to make sense of that jumbled mess of dancing patterns.

Do take heart. True, the first look at Abstract Reasoning will not reveal much except that it is a series of patterns in boxes, arranged in a variety of orders. But a closer look will reveal that all the patterns in one particular series are different; albeit subtly so. In fact, you must find out these differences else you can never hope to crack this segment of the UKCAT.

This section houses patterns in three kinds: Next in the Series, Missing Segment and Fifth in the Series. All the patterns will come in the shape of designed boxes, and you will have to identify the pattern in which all these boxes are arranged. This is mandatory, since it is this that will be the clue and lead you to the solution.

Now remember that finding the solution is not going to be an easy task now that you have located the clue. The options provided, other than the correct answer, are going to be full of distracters and misleading shapes. So before choosing any one as your answer, you must be absolutely certain.

Practice is essential in order to crack UKCAT Abstract Reasoning. Get hold of as much material as you can on this, and if possible, procure some guides to non-verbal reasoning. An immense amount of concentration is required for this section. You must also be very observant.  The disadvantage of this section is that there is absolutely no verbal explanation or clue provided, so you must rely solely on your observation and logical reasoning skills.

August 23, 2016

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