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Sailing Through the UKCAT Interview

Just after the heavy duty examination when you feel that you are over with the grill, the realisation dawns  that the  more intractable problem remains: the interview. The interview needs as much practice and preparation, as the exam.

 If you go through the resources widely available, you will find some recurrent questions that come up in any medical interview. Make a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.   Tell me something about yourself can be one such question. Prepare a model answer for these questions. Appear for some mock interviews.

You know there are certain parameters that a prospective medical student is eternally tested on like communication skills, current affairs, personality match, medical ethics, common medical conditions and like. It would be easier for you to face the interview if you have these at the back of your mind. You will be able to make out the intent of the question and answer accordingly.

Along with your awareness of some basic stuffs, the interviewer will also test you on your tenacity and persistence and your cognitive abilities in order to judge your empathy and understanding of human psychology. As you will be in a profession which will need constant interaction with people in trying circumstances your sensitivity and sympathy will count high as required qualities. You need to come across as a both a reliable and a compassionate human being to your patients, and this is what your interviewers will look for in you. The guiding rule therefore, is not only be aware but also be passionate about your subject with a  delicate appreciation of others’ feelings. So, of course you will be solving as many UKCAT practice questions as you can, but it is also important to build on your soft skills.

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