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Some Effective Suggestions For UKCAT Verbal Reasoning

With the UKCAT 2016 not much far away, candidates are pouring in all their efforts for the preparation. As they delve themselves deeper into the UKCAT preparation which includes solving endless number of questions; they come across several queries and problems. It often happens that facing problems during the practice session assumes the shape of a ritual. Not everyone faces the same problem. Queries and problems vary from one to another. While some may face difficulty in the Abstract Reasoning section, other may find the Decision Analysis section quite tough to answer. The UKCAT exam paper is basically divided into four parts- Verbal Ability, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Analysis. UKCAT Verbal Ability which is the first section has 44 questions, requiring the student to solve the section within a time limit of 22 minutes except for candidates with special needs who are allotted 28 minutes. Therefore, the candidate has to keep it in mind that he/she cannot afford to spend more than 2 minutes for each question. Remember, the whole purpose of this particular examination is not just limited to testing your skills. It is about testing your aptitude level. Hence, you must never forget that cracking the UKCAT will not be possible only with the help of your subject knowledge. You should also be equipped with a sharp and fast mind which is something that one must certainly possess if he/she is aspiring to become a doctor.

Candidates who find section 1 difficult to answer should stop fretting over the issue; instead follow some simple tips that will surely help them in solving the paper with ease. The section comprises of passages based on which questions are framed. Every question has three options which are common to every question in the whole section. Students often tend to confuse as to which is the right option – true, false and can’t tell. The options look simple yet are quite confusing, nonetheless impossible to answer. The candidate should read every single line of the passage with equal patience. If you are able to ensure this, half the battle is won. Read the question carefully. You will only choose the option ‘true’ if the statement can be justified from the passage. If any slight note of ambiguity prevails, go for the ‘can’t tell’ option. Remember, you will only tick the answer as ‘false’ when you can infer it from the excerpt that the statement has been refuted or there is something that is completely the opposite to what has been put in the question.

February 13, 2017

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