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Tips To Quit Fretting Over UKCAT Preparation

Studying for the UKCAT can be really stressful, and cases of students buckling under the immense pressure and falling ill are not unheard of. While many students will put in ungodly hours and get as little sleep as they can and end up suffering from fatigue-related illnesses, many others will have a nervous breakdown due to the sheer pressure of expectation and apprehension. However, letting any of these happen is actually drilling a nail into the coffin holding your dreams by your own hand.

True UKCAT is a major examination. And it is also possibly going to be one of the most important of your life. However, remember that this time is not going to be your only chance. You can sit for the UKCAT the next time if you do not succeed in this one, and with better preparation and far better chances.

So, there is no point in stressing yourself put too much. Remember, health comes foremost. On this note, convince yourself first and also those who have such high hopes in you that you are going to try to the best of your ability; however, competition is great, and if you do not succeed the first time, it does not mean the end of the world. It does not mean that you have no chance either. Remember the spider in the cave and take it as another chance to prove your merit.

While preparing for the UKCAT, never stress yourself too much. By doing so, you expose yourself all the more to the risk of a burn-out, and, consequently, of failure. Sleepless nights and poring over books throughout the day will not only tire you physically, but will also dull your senses, making you less and less receptive as time passes.

After every rigorous session of UKCAT practice, take some time off. During this hour, do nothing but relax. Do anything that you feel like doing. And most importantly, keep your mind off the UKCAT examination and how much you have, or have not, prepared.

When you meet your friends who are preparing for the UKCAT too, discuss what you have done so far. Exchange notes. See what is left to be done. However, instead of despairing over how much they have already done and you haven’t, jot down the points and commit them to memory, so that you know what else you can do to prepare better.

Do not panic. Do not spend the night before the test pacing your bedroom floor. It is necessary to be relaxed when you sit for the test, because that will be a luxury when you are in the middle of it. Experiencing a sudden blankness of mind is common just before an exam, so do not panic over that thinking you have forgotten everything. Just do your best.

August 24, 2016

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