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UKCAT Course Aims At Testing Your Aptitude Skills

If you are still under the impression that you can get through the UKCAT by mugging up the pages of your books then it is high time that you come out of the misconception. A lot of students might think that no matter how difficult this particular examination may be, they can crack it by endlessly memorising the chapters of the books. Students harbouring such a misconception must be aware of the fact that it is a grave error that they are committing. The UKCAT exam is not one that requires one to have only an in-depth knowledge of the subjects; instead its actual purpose is to test the aptitude skill of the candidate aspiring to become a medical practitioner.

Experts frame the UKCAT questions in such a way that it will be able to assess the candidate’s innate skills. This is the reason why the examination is often referred to as a unique one. The Consortium conducting the test has divided the question paper into four sections namely Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Decision Analysis. They have recently included Situational Judgment Test on an experimental basis from 2012. On seeing the question paper acutely, one will be able to understand that the UKCAT course is not just restricted to any particular stream of subjects. Candidates from every background can sit for the test. Aptitude skill is something that is common to all. All you need for solving the paper is a sharp mind and the power to assess things fast and correct.

The standard time for the test is ninety three minutes which is just over one and half hours.  While section 1 comprises of 44 questions which requires the candidate to solve it in 22 minutes, section 2 has 36 questions which gives a time limit of 23 minutes. Section 3 which is the Abstract Reasoning section has the maximum number of questions i.e. 65 but only 16 minutes. As for section 4 it has 26 questions allowing the candidate to solve it in 40 minutes. Once you start answering the test, make sure that you utilise every minute crucially. Once you move on to the next section, there is no coming back to the previous section. In order to get a first hand idea of the UKCAT format, candidates can resort to the UKCAT sample questions.


August 5, 2016

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