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UKCAT: Documents You Must Have On The Test Day

It is not a very uncommon mistake on the part of candidates to forget taking along with them the necessary documents to the test center. One cannot really blame the candidates either; what with the tension of the imminent exam and the anxiety to reach the venue in time, you are likely to overlook quite a few things. Sadly though, forgetting to take the identification requirements and other necessary documents along with you to the center might cost a great deal. UKCAT regulations are very strict in such matters, and omissions such as these will only ensure that you are not allowed to sit for the test.

Moreover, your test fee is also going to be forfeited, which means that you will have to sit the test on a separate day; which in turn means that you have to undergo yet once more the hassle of registration and a repeated payment.

To be safe and ensure that you do not forget to take along with you the necessary documents to the test center, it would be best to keep them all arranged and stacked the night before the test. This way, there would not be any chances of missing out on anything that might cost you your appearance in the test.

On the day of the UKCAT, do not forget to take with you a photographic identification. Remember that the validity of photo identification documents will vary from place to place, so please check for the same with the authorities in the region where you will be sitting the UKCAT. For an examination center in the UK or any other country in the EU, the officials will accept a government-issued ID card, a driving license or a current original passport that bears your signature. Candidates from Middle-Eastern countries will have to bring their original, signed passport, while those from the US or Canada will require a passport or a driving license. No other documents than these will suffice as adequate identity proof.

Do take with you a document that will have exactly the same name and date of birth as the ones you have provided at the time of registration for the UKCAT. In case that particular document doesn’t match the information provided during registration, you must take with you an additional document that will testify the change of name. This additional document also needs to be legal to be considered as an appropriate proof of identity by the officials at the test center.

In case you feel that the name on your registration and ID proofdoes not match or that your documents will not suffice, contact the Pearson Vue office immediately. You must notify them of the situation at least 5 working days before the day of the test.

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