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UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning: Practice And You Will Make It

UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning is the second segment of the UKCAT paper. As the name of the segment itself suggests, it requires considerable aptitude on the part of the candidate regarding numbers. Needless to say, not all of you will be unanimous in your opinions regarding this section. While for some of you this might turn to be the easiest part in the entire UKCAT, others might get butterflies the size of dinosaurs just contemplating attempting it. And for good reason too, since numbers are often personal monsters for many of us.

However, do take heart. Remember that no matter how tough solving numerical problems might be, it is nothing that a good deal of practice can’t solve. In fact, as far as UKCAT is concerned, it is by far the easiest section. At least, it comes with the added advantage of being eminently practice-able; for this section, if not for any other, you can practice to your heart’s content.

On the other hand, do remember that not all of the questions in the UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning Subtest will have much to do with your numerical abilities. Like the other sections in the test, it will test your ability to nail the relevant information from the info-tank that will be presented to you. After all, this section has been designed to test not your numerical skills, but your ability to solve problems based completely on whatever information you have been provided.

However, you must be well acquainted with the simple numerical problems like calculation of ratios and percentages. This should not be a problem for many of you, given that all of you have had to solve such questions back in school. And if the prospect of facing those dreaded sums again is scary, you can always go about familiarizing yourself yet once more by opining those old copies.

The only way of nailing the UKCAT Quantitative Reasoning subtest is ample practice. And if numbers are truly your weak zone, you must pay a whole lot of attention to this section. After all, this is one of those sections in the test that can fetch you the maximum of correct answers, all with the help of some rigorous practice session. So just brush up your mathematical skills and get going!

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