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UKCAT Test: What To Do On The Date Of The Test

With the first date of the UKCAT Test approaching fast, each of you hopefuls out there must be stressed to the limit, what with the rigorous exam preparations and the butterflies that start flying in your stomach every time anyone breathes ‘UKCAT.’ Well, this is part and parcel of your life till you are done with the exam, and rest assured that the butterflies will have grown to gargantuan proportions on the day of the test. However, that isn’t going to be of much help when you sit down to crack a test as difficult as the UKCAT, so it’s time you learnt to battle those exam fears on D-Day.

Now keep in mind that when you set out for the exam centre, there are bound to be some nagging doubts regarding your UKCAT preparation. Don’t let that get you down; it is only natural that you will feel this way prior to one of the biggest examinations in your career. Just know that you have done your best; you could not possibly have done better to ensure that you crack the paper. Push all such doubts at the back of your mind; firstly, it is too late to be fretting about such issues and secondly, there are a host of other things you should be worrying about right now.

A great advantage of UKCAT is that it lets you choose the most, or second most, convenient test date and location. As soon as you are notified of your test date and centre, take the time to get well acquainted with the area, how to reach and so on. Remember that on the day of the test, the routes may turn out to be more congested than usual, given that others like you will pour in. So leave home earlier than usual, allowing time for traffic and locating the UKCAT test centre. Also keep handy the address and the contact number of the centre, just in case, even if you are well conversed with the area. But in your hurry, don’t forget to pack the necessary documents, without which you won’t be allowed.

Setting off early is also necessary so that you can reach the centre with at least 15 minutes to the test. This will allow you to go through the formalities minus the unwanted rush. Besides, being late for the UKCAT exam means you will be asked to leave, and leave your examination fee behind. If you still have some time in hand even after checking in, wait quietly in the waiting room. This is the best time to grow calm, necessary for the test.

Adjust with the slight disturbances in the test centre. Different candidates will arrive and leave at different times. If it’s too much for you, ask for a pair of earplugs.

August 25, 2016

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