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What Is The Best Time To Take The UKCAT?

The UKCAT has all but a hand on the knocker of your door. Registrations are in full swing. There is still enough time for registrations to be closed, the deadline being September 22nd, but that hasn’t stopped the candidates from being active. UKCAT officials are saying that this year, the number of candidates registering for the test is far greater than those from the previous years. In fact, a recent update from the mouth of the horse, that is, the UKCAT officials themselves, states that within the first 10 days of the opening of registration itself, the number of candidates who had signed up for the test reached a staggering 3500, and counting.

The numbers continue to increase. Clearly, the candidates are not taking chances and booking themselves for the earliest slots that they could find.

In fact, this is one truly smart move. The best time to take the UKCAT is, as the wise old man (or woman) said, now. That is, as soon as testing begins. Being lackadaisical about taking your test might mean that there you cannot make any changes to your scheduled date if the need arises. Emergencies won’t come with a prior notification, so if you have scheduled your test very late in the session, and something crops up at the eleventh hour, there will be no option but to cancel the exam. Which means that you will have to wait another year before you can take the test. It would certainly mean more preparation, but also result in the wasting of a year. On the other hand, if you have booked a slot early in the session and then something happens, you can always shift the date by contacting the UKCAT office.

So, unless there is something that will absolutely not allow you to take the test within the first week or so after testing opens, you must book your slot as soon as possible.

The UKCAT officials themselves advise candidates to take the test as early as possible. In fact, they advise candidates to register for the UKCAT that is held in the summer slot, that is, between 1st July and 31st August, 2015. The autumn slot will be held from 1st September and carry on till 6th October, 2015. You would do well to sit in the summer slot, and not only for the examination fees, which is £65 EU / £100 for Non-EU during this slot, as opposed to £80 EU / £100 Non EU for the autumn one. By sitting the test early, you will be giving yourself ample time to think over how you have performed and which universities/courses you wish to apply to.

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