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When Should You Practice UKCAT Questions?

As candidates hopeful of cracking the UKCAT engage in registering themselves for the test there also  arises the nervousness which brings along with it a bundle of queries. It is to be noted that most of these queries are related to the UKCAT preparation itself. Questions such as which is the best time to sit for the UKCAT, how to move on with the preparations, or queries related to the types of questions are some of the common queries. Accordingly, there are ample of suggestions and tips for the test. One basic thing that automatically comes to the discussion is what is the best time for practising the UKCAT questions.

Practically there is no such ‘ideal’ time for students when they should indulge in the practice. Most of us think that in order to gain an entry into 26 of the 31 top universities of the nation, a never ending session of practice would prove to be beneficial. Students live under the grave misconception that in order to score high in the UKCAT exam, they must turn themselves into a book worm keeping all other activities aside. If you are one who too has been harbouring this idea, it is high time that you come out of the shackles of this very misconception. Just like there is no ideal time as such, it has to be ensured that the questions of this unique examination should only be practiced when your mind is fresh and calm. With this come the suggestion that one should try and sit with the practice in the morning itself. For that you have to ensure that you do not indulge in late night studies. This will not just overstress your brain but will also make you prone to illness.

Therefore, it is advisable that you wake up early. As you take a sip of your favourite tea or coffee sit down with the questions. These questions are designed in such a way understanding their pattern and solving them is not at all easy when your mind is not fresh. Take short breaks in the middle of the practice session as it will help in getting your mind rejuvenated.

August 18, 2016

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